Perplexity – EBook



A new take on A Card At Any Number

Here’s exactly what the spectators see:

  • A deck of cards is tossed out to an audience member who shuffles the cards
  • The magician asks everyone in the audience to think of any number, from 1 to 52
  • The magician shows a wallet, which has an envelope inside, which is the prediction, and this is placed on a table where it remains open in full view
  • The cards are tossed back to the magician who tosses the deck back to the audience, where it is tossed another two times to randomly choose a volunteer
  • The spectator is asked to look at the envelope and name the number they were thinking of – and they are given the chance to change their mind – then they bring the deck up on stage
  • The magician opens the envelope and shows the prediction (for example, 3H)
  • The magician does NOT touch the cards
  • The spectator counts off the number of cards they chose and there is the 3H as predicted.

Remember, no stooges, no forcing of numbers, no false counts or sleight of hand, and the prediction is revealed BEFORE the counting begins

Tim performed this at the Catchpenny Club and none of the magicians in the audience had the faintest idea of how it was done. If you’re looking for a trick that will fool magicians as badly as it fools laymen, this will definitely do the job

This eBook is 15 pages of clear instructions, photos and diagrams. You’ll need Bicycle cards plus you will need to buy two items from your local magic shop (usually about 25c each), you should already have the wallet.


NOTE: Boris Wild has alerted me to the fact that a similar method was used by Trevor Lewis in his effect ‘Orbital’, now marketed by Aldo Colombini. I contacted Aldo who felt there were good differences in my version and has no problems with me selling it. For the record, I have never seen ‘Orbital’. My starting point for developing this effect was ‘Knock’em Dead’ by Peter Nardi


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