24 Years of Living Next Door to Ellis – Lecture Notes



24 Years of Living Next Door to Ellis

“Tim Ellis is one of the most versatile thinkers in magic. Your lecture notes were among the BEST I’ve ever read.” – Jeff Hobson


At over 50 pages this ebook is filled with photos and illustrations is based on the hugely popular lecture and hit DVD of the same name. The entire contents of these notes are also included in the book ‘Timeless Magic’.

These notes feature detailed teaching of a dozen great tricks:


Kruger Kard Trick

– A great stage effect where a chosen card is found impaled on the blade of a Freddy Kruger glove while the rest of the deck is shredded to pieces. Inspired by David Regal’s ‘Pasteboard Massacre’ and awarded ‘Best Trick’ at the Australian Convention of Magicians.

Spiral Bound

– The most innocent and deceptive ‘Add A Number Pad’ you’ve ever seen. Ali Bongo loved this one!

Hi Tek Deck

– A gaffed deck that enables you to cause the chosen card to come to the top using a micro thin ‘computer’, then change every card to the selection.

Soda Resurrection

– Tim’s complete work on the Anders Moden classic ‘Healed & Sealed’. Tim was the first to develop this trick and bring it to the attention of the global magic community and it’s still one of his most requested signature effects.

Coins Across

– A simple and direct coins across that can be performed seated or standing.


– A great visual surprise prediction for any ‘pick a card’ effect.

Divide & Conquer

– A diabolical card coding system which enables you to know any card chosen just by asking the audience three classic gag questions. Secret partner required!

Big Deal

– Using a gaffed deck you can create the illusion that you can win every time playing Blackjack. Or if you’re nice, you can let them win instead. You are a Blackjack GOD!

Bare Coin Vanish

– Sleight of hand for those of us who can’t do sleight of hand.

PLUS Bonus articles:

• Creativity
 Top Ten Clowns (Humour)
• Tips & Ideas
• Riders

BONUS features on:

• Can You Keep a Secret? (Magic Magazine editorial)
• Wifeswapping (Bonus Trick)
• The Soda Saga (The story behind Healed & Sealed)
• Extensive Sources


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